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The Biology of Mind - Origins and Structures of Mind, Brain, and Consciousness, M. Deric Bownds. Deric Bownds  Biology of Mind Book

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This Preface describes the book; the book's contents, text with citations, figures, and a bibliography not provided in the printed version can be found HERE.

This book is based on lecture notes I developed after starting the interdisciplinary Biology of Mind course in 1994. It is cross listed between four departments at the University of Wisconsin - Madison (Psychology, Anthropology, Neuroscience, Zoology). It was written both as a course text and also for a general audience. The online version has complete references not included in the published version.

I last taught the course in the fall of 2005. Selected topics indicated in the syllabus for the spring 2004 Biology of Mind Course were covered, with an emphasis on continuities between human and animal behavior, cognitive neuroscience, and affective neuroscience. On-Line Resources relevant to Bownds' previous versions of this course can be accessed through this link. The course was offered in the fall term of 2006 by John Hawk, Anthropology Department.

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